Saturday, 26 August 2017

No Regrets

Alien land.

Stream flowing to our South. Lying on the gravel with my hands around her neck. Looking at skies ready to lose her tears and make us perish. Never the site and a distant knock. She lost her darkness and made way for the gods.

Days of the past

I couldn't lose your site and not your hands. Walking you home never felt tired. Your thoughts were by dreams and I lived it all my days. Losing my fear not to lose you is the best thing happened. Glad I am holding you around my hands.


10years to the future,
Your circles are confined, responsibilities are mounted. All you care is family.

Between those years:

Distancing :

Least we think when she/he is around, discrimination is a distance thought. Lost we in this world happily forever. Our karma strikes. Finally, crowl or king in the making through emotions and love.

Past or the future. Its all emotions and love. Never we are going to live forever. Leaving someone for the past, who knows what's waiting for our future. Responsibilities are welcomed but not regrets.

Never other decisions live your life. Make sure everyone live their life as they love to live. Emotions has connected all. It's better that we handle it through its course.

I don't know which type are we in. May be we are not that generation of regretting kind.

Not that kind of conclusion I am into....

Its not said when we will be pulled out of our breath. Till our rest, no regrets. Love your life. Live it for you and it's just once we all remember.

Saturday, 17 December 2016


It was just 'Silence'.

Never write it down, never say it to anyone. Live it no matter what consequence you face.

Forget the above. There were three questions 'might' have occurred at some part of our lives. Talking about genetically genuine personalities who thinks not only personally but for all.

1. What have we done to the society in return to which it has given us so much?

2. What was your dreams, has it been compromised for things which won't last forever?

3. Are we loving the way we live, then see yourself next year. If there is no change then you might have lived the loved life

Friday, 11 November 2016

Two words

I ain't going to set or say things straight. It's always makes sense when you really know the difference between need and want.

Quarter to the century and halfway in ur life. What have you always followed? Lending your ears to others and don't want to accept the fact that you are changing and growing or breaking yourself to pulp feeling that something has changed you and want to go back to normal. 

Our way of life revolves around these two words 'need' and 'want'.

If I am asked to choose better life or luxurious life. I will go for the later. As a matter of fact everyone chooses later. We don't think it's needed to us but we want it. Going towards something other than our needs will eventually break our inner things and bring change.

Accepting the change and not regretting to live with it, is what everyone cannot follow. In the middle of your wants, you might feel the need of something and come back, losing yourself completely and blame the world around your mistakes.

Never break yourself for the decisions you make. understand what you need in your life. Never live for someone who is not going to stay with you till your last days. Be wise and dont make a fool of yourself. It's just a need that we always wanted in our lives.

Love it and leave with it.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

All we run for

It's easy said then to follow

'Compromise' 'Complication' 'Commitment', from the later to the start it all revolves around one after another.

Why do we search things when we have it already within us : 'happiness'. It's all we need and it's all we run for. Yeah I am judged wrong here. 'Money' 'luxury' 'relationship' what else u name it.. these are the factors that bring happiness.

I don't want to write paragraphs defining what happiness really means. I just want to put it this way.

When you start running behind a thing it will keep u pulling towards it and never lets you go. It's just the same with all external things that gets stapled and removed as we grow. Just don't lose it and let not others lose it.

Make ur family happy !

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

It's happening

U live in a world where trust fades away with promises that u can't keep. Same trust builds up with promises that boasts better than the previous ones and you fall into that pit where you cannot come out once it fails again.  

Why do we have to fall and live for things which is not going to be static as it will be at the early days. We want our presence to be felt at very touch, so we start making promises to make them feel protected, loved, cared and call it in the name of the beautiful thing which ever happens between people.

Course of action takes place at regular intervals. Some break it and some stay for long to bind things up and continue. What if it fails Everytime. By the time u stand up you will realise that u are bound up with responsibilities, for society sake live the rest of your life stitching things that are torn.

The other way around, never one accepts someone being honest. So what choice do they have again 'Making promises that they can't keep'.

To the point,
When broke, u tend to loose up your things. All that you keep close is your fear. Lying is the best option you will have to shield you off from another promise. Crying alone is the better friend. False judgement will be your ally. 

Why do u people say, you have grown old. It's not a monologue, it's a way of saying that you have lived to know what you exactly need in your life and make further judgement for your future. Until then don't make promises that will hurt someone.

Do know what you need in your life and live accordingly. If your choice of life is not welcomed, believe me it's a free world and it's not hard to find someone with your taste. 

Do trust in someone who believes in him or her. Do not find shelter in someone's confidence or promise and you eventually know the results.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Search for a reason

Quite an episode of life where you will go through that loneliness even if your are amongst the group. And that Why question keeps you occupied with thoughts making others feel that you are an introvert.

Never Judge a person by his appearance, u may not know what good he can do to this world. Coming to the loneliness and thinking. There are three kinds of people whom we see in life.

'one who lives a life without a reason'
'one who tries to live someone's idea'
Other 'one who tries to find a purpose of living this life'

The last one is everyone talks about, it's not the purpose to boast the growth of your personal life but to keep  thinking forward  about the growth of the sorroundings. A small idea can bring a rapid change to this society.

Everyone can be a part of this change, there is always a connection to things with our acts.   Before we can be a part of the solution, we need to make sure we are not a part of the problem! 

My next post will be how things are connected with our acts.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

It's time

Never we lived in a world where everything we consider is not treated equal.

Have you ever cared about an animal, tree being naked all time? we wouldn't have. Is it nature that human beings tend to give more importance to things which are protected from our sights or is it the society made us look the way we are looking at things right now.

Is it just the say that we are living in 21st century? And live the ancient age.Her independence is just fifty years old and she was bought to the light of education very recently, yet her achievements are so grt that the whole world looks at them as role models. Yet some say "they are women". Accept the reality that she is part of things that we do in this world.

Everyone wants to live their choice. If ignored there may be many reasons behind that rejection. Accept it and move on. There can be always her behind your success even if it ends in a way that we least expect. Taking away her life or hurting her is not the solution.

Her is beautiful. We came from her womb. We mean no disgrace to her. Her should be treated and seen like the way we see the one who carried us in her womb. If that's the case there will be no discrimination against one gender.

So let them live their life. It's all happiness humans deserve.